Password protect PDF files easily but thoroughly!

Make the PDF needs a password to open now.

Protect PDF

Don't want others to read your PDF files? Add a password to protect them safely. SmilePDF Lock PDF is just the tool for you. Encrypt PDF files won't be opened without inputting correct passwords.

Add password to protect PDF

Use SmilePDF Lock PDF to protect your file, all you need to do is just uploading your PDF and then setting a secure password. All encrypt processing is happened online, you don't need to install any application.

Flexible and safe passwords

While using SmilePDF to add password to your PDF files, you can use numerical characters, capital letters and symbols. The added password can't be removed simply from your thoroughly encrypted PDF.

Process online

This free application provides you a security mode to process PDF files easily online. All of the PDF operations happened in the cloud. Only you can read, download or delete files from your account.

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